Red River Ranch™ Angus Beef


Genuinely tender™. Guaranteed.

Now Certified Tender by the USDA

You've always known Red River Ranch Angus beef to cook up exceptionally tender and delicious every time. But now, special cuts of the same great beef you know and love qualify to carry the USDA's shield for Certified Tender.

To earn this distinction, these tender cuts of Angus beef must meet the following requirements:

  • USDA tenderness audits
  • 14-day minimum aging
  • Proper monitoring and labeling
  • Shear-force testing
  • Employee training

Once our Angus beef receives the USDA's seal of approval, it is appropriately labeled Certified Tender and stocked in our meat case for your enjoyment – just look for the USDA shield on qualifying packages. USDA Certified Tender is the next step in assuring our customers get only the most certifiably tender and tasty beef around. And it can only be found at Homeland and United Supermarkets in your area.

USDA Certified Tender FAQs

How important is tenderness?

Very important. Research shows that tenderness is the most important quality when determining a good eating experience – so important that the USDA now certifies it.

How can I be sure Red River Ranch Angus beef is tender?

Because it's not just our claim – the USDA has verified it. Our beef must pass strict shear-force standards to earn the designation USDA Certified Tender. So, when you see the USDA Certified Tender shield on package, you can trust that steak or roast to be exceptionally tender.

What is done to make Red River Ranch Angus beef tender?

There is nothing done to enhance our beef – no needling, injecting, pumping or tenderizing. It's simply sourced from good cattle and handled with care.

Do all cuts of Red River Ranch Angus beef qualify as USDA Certified Tender?

No – only about a dozen cuts of beef are eligible to be USDA Certified Tender. Some cuts are naturally more tender than others. And because we have such strict standards for all our Red River Ranch Angus beef cuts, we still guarantee their tenderness. But only qualifying cuts carry the USDA Certified Tender sticker.

What role does aging play in the tenderness process?

Aging is required for USDA Certified Tender beef because it helps provide a more tender product by allowing natural enzymes to break down tough muscle fibers. For USDA Certified Tender Red River Ranch Angus beef, we require a minimum of 14 days aging for optimal tenderness results. Also, both our wet-aged and dry-aged products are USDA Certified Tender.

Can I find USDA Certified Tender beef anywhere else?

Not in Oklahoma or Kansas. Homeland and United are the only stores where you can find USDA Certified Tender Red River Ranch Angus beef.