Red River Ranch™ Angus Beef


Genuinely tender™. Guaranteed.

A side of beef. Explained.

Red River Ranch Angus beef is consistently tender Angus beef that's been tried, tested and proven trustworthy. Still, there's a thing or two to learn about keeping beef tender. Whether you've got a hankerin' for steak, roast or ribs, we'll share some tips for gettin' your cookin' to pan out every time.

Even if you're a seasoned pot rustler, you're bound to learn a little something. Click on the sections below, and we'll walk you through the cuts of each. Lock. Stock. And barrel.

Our chart shows how each section is made into smaller retail cuts and gives some hints on how to best prepare cuts from each section.

Click on each section to learn what cuts come from it and the characteristics of every cut.