Red River Ranch™ Angus Beef


Genuinely tender™. Guaranteed.

We'd like to share a thing or two about Red River Ranch™ Angus Beef.

First off, it's Genuinely tender.™ Guaranteed. We've pioneered tenderness down to a science, so our beef cooks up tender and juicy every time. In fact, we guarantee that Red River RanchTM Angus beef is genuinely tender or your money back.

Why we're braggin' about Angus. People have come to realize that Angus beef is more consistently tender than other breeds. Angus beef has a tenderness all its own.

Tested for tenderness and consistency. Our beef has been tried, tested and proven trustworthy.

Cream of the crop. Not all beef qualifies as Red River Ranch Angus Beef. Following our strict tenderness and quality guidelines, this is some of the best grain-fed American beef available from the heartland.

Fully aged. Experts know that aged beef is tender beef. You'll be glad to know that Red River Ranch Angus beef is aged to darn near perfection. Then, it's hand-cut right in the store.

Exclusive availability. This great beef from the Great Plains is available in your local Homeland, Country Mart and United Supermarkets.